Timber rot repairs

Timber rot repairs treated early can save major costs in the future.

Timber decay starts when sufficient moisture is present and the timber has no chance to properly dry out. Once decay starts it can seriously weaken the structural integrity of your home.

Decay makes the timber more permeable meaning that it absorbs moisture more readily, speeding up the rot process. At advanced stages, decay is obvious, but in the early stages it may be hard to detect so any timber discolouration should to be inspected.

Exposed timber, especially the timber ends, such as balcony beams and pergolas are just two areas where decay is most likely to take hold. Look for areas where there is poor ventilation or where water gathers, such as condensation on glass causing water to pool on window sills, or traces of algae or mould giving the substrate a green or black appearance.

Ensuring your timber is properly sealed and treated will in the end save a lot of heartache and expensive repair bills.

At M.J.Harris Carpentry, we restore and weatherproof windows, fascias, doors and weatherboards back to their original state. In conjunction with M.J.Harris Painting, we can treat, repair and replace the timber rot in your home. Our painters will then seal and coat the areas to protect them from rot reoccurring.

Call our expert carpenters to come and inspect your home and save yourself  from further costly damage.