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M.J.Harris Carpentry take care of any outdoor carpentry projects you require. With countless period Victorian homes in Melbourne we are your go to carpenters Melbourne for weatherboard replacement options and weatherboard repairs. The exterior façade of a home is the first and often most lasting impression that really sticks with people. A beautiful weatherboard home in the suburbs really defines the culture and history of Melbourne so maintaining the beauty of these homes is vital. If you think you exterior woodwork needs some TLC and care have our carpenters give your façade a facelift. With the help of M.J.Harris Painting we can have your weatherboards looking new and full of life again.

M.J.Harris Carpentry Exterior services include window and door installation, decking, picket fencing, timber seats, decorative archways, pergolas, planter boxes, porches, gazebos, balustrades and handrails, timber rot repair, carports, garages, columns, eave repairs, fascia and gable replacement, weatherboard repairs and replacement.

With extensive experience in restoring period homes as well as modern updates you can’t go past the M.J.Harris Carpentry team.