Period homes

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Melbourne’s Period Homes:

From Art Deco, Federation and Victorian to just name a few, Melbourne’s older period homes have wonderful features that make them unique.

Often though these homes don’t accommodate todays way of living. To have an extra room, an en-suite, a walk in robe or even an entire extension would be great.

When you build with M.J.Harris Carpentry, every detail in what we do is designed for your home. We build to recreate and enhance what you already have, so it fits in perfectly with the style and design of your existing home.

We work with you and listen to your ideas. Then we’ll create a preliminary design. We hone and redraw the design to make sure that when it is time to build, we are creating what you want and most importantly, what you need.

With today’s strict council regulations, we will work with your council to keep within their strict guidelines to deliver an outcome. We consult with you the entire time so that we can meet both your and their requirements. With our own team of plumbers, electricians and plasterers who specialise in traditional plastering, we have the complete job covered.

Even when decorating, with M.J.Harris Painting, our colour consultant can ensure that we deliver a colour scheme that will fit in with the period features you’ve lovingly restored.