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Pergolas are a great way to add shade to your outdoor entertaining area. They also help make it a more useable, enjoyable living area of your home. At MJ Harris Carpentry, we have transformed many backyards through our pergolas Melbourne services.

The design of a pergola is only as limited as you want it to be. Our designers can make suggestions, guide you and share our pergola ideas, but the options for styles and what you can create are endless. Our pergola designs are ultimately a collaborative process making use of our expertise and your requirements.

There are many different styles and types of pergolas. Some of the main categories include the following:

  • Covered Pergola: A covered pergola is typically covered with a flat roof, giving it a modern rectangular shape.
  • Gabled Pergola: Gabled pergolas feature a peaked roof with a more classic appearance that is great for water runoff. They have a triangular shape as opposed to the rectangular shape of flat-top covered pergolas.
  • Pitched Pergola: Pitched pergolas are similar to gabled pergolas in that they incorporate an angular roof. A variety of different styles are available with pitched pergolas.
  • Open Top Pergola: Often more economical to build, open top pergolas lack roof cladding. They are a great way to improve the look of your landscape while maximising airflow.
  • Garden Pergola: A garden pergola is one that forms a visual centrepiece in a garden. With garden pergolas it is especially important to match the design of the pergola to the design of your garden.
  • Patio Pergola: A patio pergola is attached to the patio of your home and often the home itself. Unlike a detached pergola, its primary purpose is more to provide shading to an existing deck.

Depending on the final style you decide upon, we can also determine what plans and permits you would require. For example, you may require a permit if your pergola design has open beams. Or perhaps you would rather your pergola be used to support a climbing plant for shade in summer and sun in winter. In any case, our team of experts can arrange to work with your local council to ensure all regulations and requirements have been met.

Building a pergola is a complicated task that requires an experienced team of carpenters. When you work with MJ Harris Carpentry, you can feel confident that our Melbourne carpenters have the know-how and expertise to turn your pergola design into reality. We will also consult with out designers at MJ Harris Design and our landscapers at MJ Harris Landscaping to ensure that your new pergola complements the overall aesthetic of your yard.

For your other landscaping needs, our team of Melbourne carpenters can help you out with decking, gazebos, fencing, carports and more.

Contact the MJ Harris Group to discuss how we can help make more of the outdoor areas at your home – from something basic to a complete outdoor kitchen/alfresco area for entertaining friends and family in your backyard.