Fences, Gates & Screens

With the demand for bigger homes, and higher density living, privacy is becoming more and more of an issue for many suburban homes. This is where building fences, gates & screens can help.

We will come out to you and do a full assessment of your property. We design and engineer a solution that will give you extra privacy and security.

When we build an addition to your home, we do our best to fit in with your homes existing style. Be that a modern merbau security screen, a traditional picket fence or something more substantial and ornate, offering more height and security.  A gate will always be the centre piece of an attractive fence and can often determine how the overall look of a fence should be.

Or we can simply improve a view in your garden, by building a higher fence or extending the height of an existing one.  We can create a privacy screen to help block out an unattractive brick wall, or enhance the look of a side pailing fence.

If you have the problem, we have the solution, just get in touch and we will create something with you that will not only give you back a little more privacy, but also enhance the look and value of your property.