Timber shelving – More than just a functional fixture

Published April 7, 2016

Exposed timber shelving is a stunning trend that we have been seeing in homes for a while now and it isn’t hard to see why. Beautiful natural resources mixed with hard kitchen and bathroom surfaces bring a sculptural element to functional shelving and turn a bare wall into the perfect open display storage space.

Timber provides warmth and texture to a minimalistic, monochrome space, creating a bold contrast and a focal point to draw the eye. With  so many different species of timber available there is a species to compliment every design movement and style. Simply opt for a plywood or light oak if you want to replicate a Scandinavian scheme and a rustic, recycled timber for an industrial feel.

Timber shelves don’t just have to be a straight flush shelve, why not get creative, from triangles, hexagons and cubes, these shelving concepts create the perfect cost effective alternative to artwork.

Here we feature the latest images of our home renovation in Fitzroy where we feature raw Oregon timber shelves in both a Laundry and bathroom, mixed with raw stone tiles and soft grey tones these timber shelves create the perfect balance of raw and smooth, natural and refined.

Images via Pinterest and M.J.Harris Group, photographer J.Harris