Tile Over Shower Bases

Published April 9, 2017

Why choose a tile over shower base?

Here are some reasons why we love the tile over shower base, which is now the most common style shower we install when renovating bathrooms.


  1. Looks Amazing! The sleek look of the tile over shower base makes any bathroom and shower feel open and inviting. Having the seamless entry into the shower area creates a feeling of freedom in what usually is a confined space.
  2. Easy to clean, using large tiles and stainless steel grates, cleaning the shower has never been easier. Although people believe grout can be painful over time, using the right products and sealers you won’t have an issue. Stainless steel grates are easy to clean and keep their pristine look over time.
  3. Safe when showering. Having your shower base built into floor level takes away a lip that can often be a tripping hazard.


With tile over shower bases there are a few styles to choose from;

Rear Waste: You can position your drain at the rear of your shower, having the water drain to the back of your shower base. You may prefer to have a long style grate or a small grate, both look great and deliver the same results. If you don’t like the look of stainless steel you can always choose a drain with a tile insert. Tile insert drains are exactly what they sound like, you simply insert a section of tile into the drain.

Centre Waste: A centre waste is simply when your drain is centre of your shower base. This can come in many forms such as stainless steel grate, standard grate or tile insert. Often the tilers will cut tiles surrounding the drain in diamond formation, leaving a nice centre piece position for the drain.


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