Thinking Of Renovating?

Published September 28, 2017

Renovating your home is an exciting time, but it can also be a daunting and stressful endeavour. There are many aspects to consider when looking for  a renovation company to take on your project.  Having a very positive track record regarding all types of home renovations, big and small we have a few tips to consider when you take those first steps in sourcing a company that will be able to tackle the works at your home. 

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Do your research.

Ask about the companies experience with projects similar to yours. It’s recommend that you do some research into the history and track record of the renovator you are considering. There are many online platforms in which you can search for unbiased and un-solicited reviews of contractors completed jobs. Google business, True local, even a companies Facebook page, and social accounts are a good place to source reviews, job references and see how the company responds and interacts with its customers.

Ensure the company has the proper credentials, systems and insurances in place. Look for industry symbols like the HIA logo which Promotes industry standards through a National Code of Ethics.

Make sure your contractor is a Registered Building Practitioners :  Tradesmen who are qualified to undertake certain work, eg, electrical, carpentry, bricklayer etc. Being registered under the Victorian Building Authority will give you, the homeowner, a fall back position in the event of a dispute into workmanship.


Establish a good working relationship with your renovator

This is key, there can be as mentioned, moments of stress and unforeseen events and issues that may arise through-out the renovation process, but it is imperative to keep calm and approach all circumstances with a positive manner. Renovators and homeowners agree that a good working relationship is essential in successful renovation projects. Keep lines of communication open at all times. Expect a brief report on the progress of your job at regular intervals and be available to make decisions when they are needed so work is not held up. 

Get a Written Contract

When you make your decision to hire a professional renovator, get it in writing. Include the entire scope of work; the exact price, including a schedule of payments; a reasonable timetable for completing the work; and any instructions for protecting parts of the house not under construction.

If you are getting more than one company to submit quotes for your project project, remember that this can be a time-consuming effort. The renovator has to be very precise in pricing materials according to the specifications.

Once you are satisfied with the submitted design, budget and a realistic timetable, you are ready to commit to final drawings. When these are complete you are in a position to get an accurate estimate of the cost.

Avoid renovators who offer to do work without a contract to avoid paying taxes. This type of contractor may also not be carrying the proper insurance, leaving you at financial risk.

So remember to keep in mind that Research, good planning, a professional work crew, and open communication go along way when you are planning and undergoing renovations at your home.