Bathroom Renovation Trends in 2017

Published October 25, 2017

– Article Written by Jack Reynolds –

High Tech Features Abound

2017 is the year that tech came into the bathroom in a big way. Self-cleaning toilets with motion activated flushing, anti overflow function, self deodorisation and bidet features becomes increasingly prevalent this year, representing a new approach to toilet facilities.

But it wasn’t just the toilet which got a tech makeover. Moodlighting, digital controls and speakers in showers also became more common, while built-in lighting and mist dispensers for new bathtubs also experienced an upsurge.

Focusing On Sustainability

Sustainability is at the heart of almost everything these days, as we become more conscious of our responsibility to the world around us. This is undoubtedly a positive step, and one which is being reflected in bathroom design.

Home Improvement expert Robert Woodward from Casey Building Inspections say’s, “think low power lighting solutions in bathroom areas, and increasingly ingenious water-saving technology in basins and toilet cisterns”.

Organic Warmth

The nature of a bathroom means it must be easy to clean and free from wall and floor coverings which could react badly to humidity and fluctuations in temperature. This is why we have come to associate these rooms with designs which are stylish but a little clinical.

But this need not be the case. In 2017, we have seen an increasing trend in organic materials in bathrooms, such as natural stone work and treated wood effect finishes. These materials provide the moisture and heat resistance necessary for a bathroom, without compromising on the warm and homely touch we all enjoy.

Standalone Bathtubs

For many years, the standalone bathtub was a regular fixture in bathrooms across Australia, but unfortunately these features went out of style in favour of more modern fitted tubs.

In 2017, however, the standalone bathtub is back and frequently appears in new home designs and bathroom refits. Whether you go full retro or retain a few modern sensibilities with your standalone bathtub is up to you, but this piece of bathroom furniture is well worth considering on your next project.

Floating Storage Solutions

These days, we expect more from our bathrooms. We don’t expect to have to pile things up on shelves and counters – we expect everything to have its own, neat and tidy space in a cupboard or unit.

This has led to designers getting ingenious with storage solutions, creating spaces with numerous compartments and drawers designed to keep your bathroom looking its best. The floating storage feature is a particularly fashionable piece in 2017; supported from the wall it rests against rather than the floor